Flower Mound Facial Treatments

Schedule treatments once a month for the maintenance of smooth, clear, well-hydrated skin or once a week for clearing problem skin or to target a specific area of concern. You will be advised on future treatments customized for your individual needs, as well as, an easy to follow skin care regimen for home use.

  • The Repêchage Four-Layer Facial®

    The Repêchage Four-Layer Facial® is our NEW anti-aging treatment which Cosmopolitan UK called "...the best facial of the Century..." Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically.
    Layer 1: Seaweed filtrate is a concentrate of freshly-harvested seaweed. It softens lines, adds moisture and helps re-balance and tone skin tissues.
    Layer 2: A rejuvenating facial massage is given with a creamy hydrating formula. Lasting benefits include improved circulation and skin elasticity.
    Layer 3: The fresh seaweed mask is the cooling and soothing treatment that hydrates while improving skin tone and clarity.
    Layer 4: The mineral mask is the grand finale. It creates its own gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask beneath it.
    The results are impressive: younger-looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and an afterglow that lasts. Just touch your skin, and feel the difference.

  • 5 Star Facial

    A cranberry enzyme peel with extremely high antioxidant content. This helps to prevent and repair stress and age related degeneration. Cranberry enzyme also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties making this treatment an excellent choice for acne prone skin. An ultrasonic exfoliating treatment, facial, neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage and a cooling ultra-hydrating mask.

  • Fruitzyme Facial

    Salicylic acid combined with papain and bromelain create this non- abrasive exfoliant to reduce dead skin build-up. Naturally fragrant, vibrant spearmint and camphor oils awaken the skin and the senses while brightening the complexion. This facial uses the power of Ultrasound technology and an amazing customized finishing mask.

  • Retinol A Plus Facial

    The Retinol Plus Facial utilizes the highest concentration of retinol and multiple advanced technologies for enhanced resurfacing and skin refining effects. This corrective facial will provide immediate visible skin retexturization and refinement, greater smoothness and hydration, and will assist in helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and facial discoloration.

  • Ultimate Ultrasonic Facial

    Amazing results for all skin types. Ultrasonic vibrations penetrate deep into pores and hair follicles to break up old, dead cells, secretions and oily blockages. Skin metabolism is increased, which causes lymph flow to increase. Deep tissue micro massage improves skin tone, softness and texture. You will feel immediate tightening and softer, smoother skin.

  • Age Defense

    This facial is designed to lift and firm using Alpha-hydroxy acids, Vitamin Therapy and Marine Extracts for extreme firming and hydration. This is an excellent treatment before a big occasion.

  • Pomegranate Green Tea Facial

    Delicious, skin-refining treatment to help smooth and brighten the skin. Phyto-active pomegranate enzymes effectively lift and digest redundant surface cells, while cherry fruit pulp provides high amounts of natural Vitamins A and C and Green tea finishes this treatment providing highly potent, natural antioxidants to nourish and soothe skin.

  • Tropical Fusion

    Enzymes of papaya and mandarin orange make this a delicious facial for even the most sensitive skins. It will take you away to a tropical island…

  • Clear Complexion

    Clear up your skin problems without dryness or irritation with the Clear Complexion Facial.

  • Teen Facial (45 minutes)

    This facial is only for teens who have already had the 1st time teen facial.
    For teens, both boys and girls going through changes that affect skin appearance, our soothing adaptation of our Clear Complexion Facial deep cleans pores and calms redness and breakouts while reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Specialty Treatments

$65 alone or $25 when added to any facial

  • Glycolic Acid Exfoliation

    Glycolic Acid (30% or 40%) is perhaps the best-known of a group of chemicals called fruit acids or alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). Since it is derived from sugar cane, it can be considered a natural product. Citric acid from oranges and other citrus fruits also falls under the same classification as glycolic acid. (two different strengths for optimum customization)

  • Lactic Acid Exfoliation

    Lactic Acid (40%) is derived from sour milk, and is much milder on the skin versus other peels. People with sensitive skin can apply this peel and see the same results as stronger peels. If you have Rosacea, this is a better peel for you than Glycolic Acid.

  • Vitamin C Treatment

    Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, has the ability to neutralize or counteract damage to cells caused by free radicals (from UV Damage), which are believed to be a main cause of aging.

  • Enzyme Peel

    Applied as a thick paste under warm steam, it breaks down and dissolves dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth, soft, and ready to absorb treatment products.

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